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Four Key Benefits of an e-Recruiting Solution

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The continued strong rates of unemployment created by a slowly recovering global economy have created a situation in which recruiters must sometimes filter through thousands of résumés and job applications to find just a handful of qualified applicants. To make this process more efficient, many employers have implemented e-recruiting solutions, or Recruitment Management System, to

5 Signs it’s time to upgrade your human resources management system

By | 2017-05-22T04:15:19+00:00 May 22nd, 2017|Uncategorized|

As an HR consulting company, we get asked this question a lot, should I upgrade to a higher end HR system? And when do I know it’s time to change my current system? If you happened to be asking the same question as well, Here are few things to watch out for:   1) Payroll

Employee Burnout and How to solve it.

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We all know what burnout looks like. It’s the stressed-out manager who proclaims they’ve “had it” and books the next flight to Pulau Tioman. The start-up co-founder working 130 hour weeks who claims he “can’t take all this bullsh*t anymore” and goes on a week-long bender in Bangkok. The boss who yells with such intensity

3 Ways to Keep Motivation Levels High

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As a manager, you need to be cognizant of the diversity and that the one shoe fits all approach is doomed to fail. Here are 3 ways to keep your colleagues stay motivated through hard times.   Take advice from research There may be many theories around the top motivation drivers, but most researchers and

5 Simple Ways to Overhaul Your Leadership Style

By | 2017-08-16T02:31:09+00:00 January 5th, 2017|Leadership|

­­­ Leading is a hot seat and some of us embrace it and some of us don’t. But whatever it is, your leadership style will be reflected in your organization. So here are five simple ways, to overhaul leading model:   Hands off, but be present. A leader who has his or her hand in