Confession of an IKEA Employee

Just a couple of days ago, we had the opportunity, to meet up with a friend of ours, Max, who worked at IKEA for the past five years. He was able to give us some insight on how IKEA have managed to keep him on board these past years. Here are the 4 key points:


1. Flexible Time & Benefits – Employees are able to choose when to start and end workdays as a perk, allowing them to coordinate schedules with spouses’ in case of ageing parents or small children, and staff are encouraged to take a vacation every year and are able to carry vacation time off to the next year.

  • On top of that, Full Medical & Dental Insurance are available for all workers, including 7 weeks of maternity leave (men & women), Free flow snacks & beverages and Free lunches & Discounted dinner.
2. Work & Travel –IKEA are willing to transfer their employees between branches and encourages it, if there are matching opening, staff who applied through ‘Open IKEA’ will have the opportunity to work & travel around the world where IKEA operates.

  • ‘Open IKEA’ –  Is a Job portal & E-recruiting system, which informs staff of new job opening within IKEAS on a global level.

3. Sponsored Education & Training – IKEA provides 100% Tuition reimbursement for graduate and undergraduate courses for all employees regardless of how many hours they worked, for continuous development of their employee. Staff are encouraged to take up study of languages and pursue of courses with potential application to retailing sector such as accounting, interior design, marketing and etc.


4.     Work Culture & Philosophy

  •  ‘The IKEA Way’ – IKEA provides a one week long orientation for newcomers to give a full overview and experience of every operation of IKEA and allow them to find where they belong


  •  ‘I want your Job’ – Mentoring Program, enables their staff to train openly and directly with the person whose career they’d like to purse as the next step in their professional development. On top of that, co-worker who had mastered the current jobs are encouraged to seek new challenge.


  • ‘Express Yourself’ – Is a program, where by staff are encouraged to questions the management and express their ideas and belief through multiple platforms, or directly to their team leader & co-workers


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