Sick Leave : What to do when employees lie?

Its Monday Morning, Jason is nowhere to be found, and you just received a phone call from Jason, saying he had a horrible flu since Friday and won’t be able to come in today – or so he said. But, not according to his colleague Azlan who said they both went for a mutual friend’s wedding last Saturday Night.

As an employer/HR manager, what should you do?

The most important thing is to not jump into conclusions, but first, let’s gather the facts through these 5 simple steps.

  1. Start off with your time keeping records?

    • Have Jason been always taking sick leaves on Friday, Mondays or days around holidays? If it’s a recurring pattern, then it needs to be addressed.
  2. What does your absenteeism policy say?

    • Have Jason followed the procedures according to your employee hand book? Perhaps he need to contact his supervisor by a certain time of day, is text or email acceptable? Or it must be a direct phone call to his supervisor? Perhaps Is a doctor note required?
  3. Check your paid time off policy?

    • Could Jason have exhausted his Annual Leave Balance and is looking for a way to get some extra days off.
  4. Look at employee’s history records.

    • Have Jason been dishonest in other areas of his work? Does he have any performance issues?
  5. Time for a chat.

    • Part of gathering facts includes talking to the employee. By ignoring it, you are condoning the behavior. It also can impact your team morale, work performance and productivity.


During the conversation, we let Jason know, we’ve noticed the absences, this is the opportunity for us to set the attendance expectations, and a chance for us to ask questions for the root cause of this behavior.

If this is a one-time issue, it will likely be a verbal warning. If it’s s an ongoing issue it may advance to a written warning. The key to maintaining a healthy employee’s attendance, is to have a progressive discipline policy in place and be consistent.

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