5 Signs it’s time to upgrade your human resources management system

As an HR consulting company, we get asked this question a lot, should I upgrade to a higher end HR system? And when do I know it’s time to change my current system? If you happened to be asking the same question as well, Here are few things to watch out for:


1) Payroll Mistakes are Being Made

One of the most difficult things about payroll is keeping track of the information related to each employee. Without a system to manage this information, mistakes can easily be made. If you find that payroll mistakes are being regularly made because information is simply not easy to find, you may be in need of an overhaul of your HRMS.

2) Managing Staff Benefit is a Nightmare

Managing the benefits of employees is something that usually takes time. However, with a quality HRMS, you will find that the process is more streamlined. In some cases, employees and new hires are even able to enroll electronically. This helps to save quite a bit of time for the human resource department and even makes the benefits information more accurate. Some systems even allow them to login throughout the year to monitor their coverage and make changes.

3) Spending Hours Creating Reports

Reports that are created by a human resource manager are very beneficial to the company. They help to show information about employees and how labor is affecting the company as a whole. With an HRMS, managers are able to spend less time creating these reports. Instead, reports are generated automatically. These reports can also be customized, which will help to provide even more valuable information to the company in question.

4) Difficult to stay Statutory Compliant

Staying compliant with laws and regulations is something that is crucial to the success of a human resource department. Throughout the year, many changes take place that is sometimes difficult for managers to keep up with. If you find that you are having a difficult time keeping up with changes in regulations or are not staying compliant, an HRMS may be the answer. This type of solution helps to make it much easier to manage these changes and many updates are made automatically.

5) Getting technical support is slow & tedious.

A vital consideration that should be made when optimizing your HRIS is whether or not the company you plan on selecting offers readily available, competent support. Regardless of how well you manage things, there is going to come a time when data gets corrupted or a file needs to be recovered, and you don’t want to be left helpless when these circumstances occur. Every HRIS software company should have a technical support group ready to help you at a moment’s notice.


HRMS was created to make the jobs of managers easier and more efficient. Without a quality system, you may find that your efforts at managing employee data are far surpassing the results that you are receiving. To help balance this more efficiently, be sure to examine your system in order to determine if an overhaul is required.

There are many systems available that will help achieve your human resources data management goals. However, it is important that you choose an option that will help your business in the best capacity. To learn how we can provide these services to your business, be sure to contact us.




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